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This plant It Can Cure More Then 100 Diseases. It Is Called “God’s Gift”


This plant It Can Cure More Then 100 Diseases. It Is Called “God’s Gift”

This plant is called Chaya (or Spinach tree) and is a large, perennial shrub native to the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. This is not a popular plant but in some parts of the world it has been for a long time.

An old lady wrote a letter made this plant more popular than ever. She claims that Chaya is a gift of God due to its ability to heal numerous diseases and conditions. This plant was the only thing that helped the woman deal with the cyst in her right breast. She had it for years and no other remedy helped her get rid of it. Chaya helped her treat the cyst within 3 months, and the woman already felt better after the third day of application.

Here’re some of the most amazing benefits of Chaya:

  1. Helps in the treatment and prevention of anemia
  2. Treats asthma symptoms
  3. Improves vision and brain function
  4. Boosts calcium levels
  5. Helps in the treatment of osteoporosis
  6. Regulates blood sugar, and helps diabetics
  7. Relieves sore throat and throat infections
  8. Prevents severe headaches
  9. Regulates cholesterol, and reduces uric acid buildups in blood
  10. Boosts metabolism
  11. Treats and prevents varicose veins
  12. Treats and prevents hemorrhoids
  13. Detoxifies liver
  14. It’s beneficial for children

This is just a tiny part of the benefits provided by Chaya. It can heal almost every disease. Add Chaya leaves  to you soups and salads, or just brew some tea. Remember, you should never consume it raw.

Chaya tea


  • 6 Chaya leaves
  • 2 cups water


Boil the water, and add in the leaves. Simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. For optimal results, drink your Chaya tea three times a day before your meals. As mentioned before, you can add Chaya leaves to your soups, salads and creams. The most important thing is to wash the leaves well.

Source: http://magicofhealthyfood.com