PREDATORS! Hundreds of Men Sexually Abusing Girls

[MUST LISTEN AUDIO] PREDATORS! Hundreds of Men Sexually Abusing Girls

The Police High Command is expressing what it says is major concern in the wake of figures showing that in the first half this year there’ve been hundreds of reports of children being sexually abused — in Kingston and St Andrew alone — with dozens of them impregnated .

The worrying figures were presented at a news conference at the Police High Command Headquarters today.

Dennis Brooks reports


According to the Police since the start of this year, 2-hundred-and-78 reports of men and under-aged girls having sex have been received.

46 of the girls became pregnant.

Assistant Commissioner, Ealan Powell is Head of the Police Criminal Investigation Branch to which the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, CISOCA, reports.

ACP Powell led today’s media briefing.

He says in many cases family members and victims are not the ones making the report to the Police.

ACP Powell says the Police only before aware of the carnal abuse by chance.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police says to make matters worse, a number of investigations are being frustrated by a trend where families and victims hide child abusers from prosecution.

ACP Powell says in January of this year, there were 4-cases of girls abused becoming pregnant.

But he says in May alone there were a total of 15 separate cases.